Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This Is a Bro Down! (Sis Too.) NOW: "John Tory vows to... create One Toronto!"


Well, the election is over and it seems like the good people of Toronto are in good hands. Or, at least open arms when it comes to helping develop ideas and policies. That's good news. Here's a bit of a take on it:


John Tory vows to work with former rivals to create "one Toronto"

In post-election speech, mayor-elect says he wants "all hands on deck to build up the city"

By Ben Spurr | NOW Magazine | October 28, 2014

The day after his election win, mayor-elect John Tory stood outside City Hall on Tuesday and said he is willing to work with anyone to heal the city's political divisions and create "one Toronto," including his former rivals and outgoing Mayor Rob Ford.

In a lengthy and relaxed press conference that contrasted with the combative approach to the media taken by Mayor Ford, Tory, who beat out Doug Ford and Olivia Chow by taking 40 per cent of the vote in Monday night's contest, said he would leave the door open to all of his former competitors if they wanted to make "a continuing contribution" to the city.

"I've said it publicly and I've said it privately to David Soknacki, Karen Stintz, Ari Goldkind, Olivia Chow and Doug Ford," said Tory, as a light rain fell outside City Hall. "I want all hands on deck to build up the city and I don't think anybody's point of view, anybody's background, anybody's history is going to be a bar to that in my books."

Tory's appeal to cooperation continued the key theme of his winning campaign, in which he promised to unite the city after four years of polarizing rule under Mayor Ford. The deep rifts in Toronto's political landscape were still evident Monday's vote; while Tory won by more than six points, Doug Ford dominated suburban wards in Etobicoke, Scarborough, and parts of North York.

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There's something to be said for a sweeping populist and their generalizations, especially if what's said is said back. This isn't to trouble the current administration during their transition, but rather to inform it. In fact, his transition team has also apparently recently been named, so let's see if we transition towards more openness and involvement. A few years ago, when running I was advocating a few things like most people (or adults) spending a few minutes to an hour a week helping to inform and influence City decisions. Perhaps a few in each riding can dedicate a few hours on a volunteer or paid basis to follow the issues at City Hall closer and summarize them into key points to learn more about or base decisions on and deliver them to riding members by flyer, mail and email each week. If there are any issues people can discuss them and request changes.

That's one idea among others. I'll get to another more rhythmically after a bit on the team around Tory: 



Mayor-elect John Tory picks transition team, calls on help of Olivia Chow, David Soknacki

Tory is seeking advisors and promising to open city hall to input from former rivals if they’d like to play a role.

Jennifer Pagliaro City Hall reporter | Toronto Star | Oct 28, 2014

On his first day as mayor-elect, John Tory named his 29-person transition team and began selecting his staff at city hall.

In the wake of his victory over Doug Ford and Olivia Chow, Tory is now calling on his political rivals to join him at city hall when he takes the chair in December.

The new transition team will include former journalist-turned communications expert Christopher Eby, who becomes Tory’s chief of staff.

Vic Gupta, a onetime provincial Progressive Conservative candidate in Richmond Hill, becomes Tory’s principal secretary. Gupta was the executive assistant to councillor Rob Davis from 1997 until 1999. He was also the deputy campaign manager for Tory’s 2003 mayoral bid.

Both Gupta and Eby formerly worked at Sussex Strategy Group in Toronto.

The transition team and advisory council will both be led by former deputy mayor Case Ootes, who also helmed Rob Ford’s transition team in 2010.

The team includes campaign strategist Nick Kouvalis, mayoral candidate David Soknacki and former city bureaucrats, along with several non-profit, business and academic leaders.

Over the next month, Tory will pick others to fill out his office staff, including a communications director. Amanda Galbraith, the chief spokesperson for Tory’s campaign, is being considered for the role.

Tory’s first day as mayor-elect started at 5 a.m. Tuesday, when he began making the interview circuit on radio and TV. He told Ryan Doyle, the host of his former show The Live Drive on Newstalk 1010, that he would strive to not act like an “ass” on council.

Tory’s team, meanwhile, set up inside a 15th floor office at city hall — what will be transition headquarters for the next month before he moves down to the second-floor office of the mayor.

If the invitations are accepted, Tory’s team at city hall could soon include those who once ran against him.

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Awesome, sounds like fun and frankly I think the right guy won after the general divisiveness of the Ford era. However, just being able to intelligently repeat and agree with prevailing wisdom ain't enough for me to truly express how I feel though. I've still got a bit of an agenda to share with the City and people in some fashion that I think can help most of us communicate, feel and get along better and relax. Call it a matter of public safety, security, health, economic viability and happiness. Check it out and we'll figure out the details to do it.



The Pride Trilogy – Leak

- The Chixtape

- The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

- Street Fame: Your Ticket To Ride

This project can help us beat our quiet frustration and feel and communicate better, relax, exchange more respect, have more fun and feel more masculine and feminine like many want to. I know it works from consistent reactions to performing it. This is a leak and not the finished mix. Enjoy the lyrics and content and get in touch.


Black Krishna (BK)

Questions, Bookings, Collaborations:

647.781.1580 +


Album: The Blocktrade Project or How We Learned To Relax and Beat Social Constipation

Song 7: Bro Down

Artist: Black Krishna

Beat: "Rise to Fame" by Amun Rah



This is a bro down...

"It's goin' down!"


Aw yeah...

Ain't life great?

Woke up this morning the most powerful creature on earth...

Just keepin' busy...

Or finding someone, or something, to keep me in a good mood...

That's all...

See, men are simple...

It's nice, but we don't need no Dolce Gabanna, Prada, Mombasa, kielbassa, micasa sucasa, momma-say, momma-sah, mama cu-sa and all that crap...

Just four simple things really...

Generous servings, or heaping helpings, or copious quantities, or massive amounts, of money, power, p-ssy and respect...

That's all...

Simple blokes...

It was all, a dream,
Used to read, murda in magazines,
Wanna bang Salt'n'Pepa,
With Heavy D, up in a limousine,

Hangin' pictures on my wall,
Every Saturday, mack-attack,
Chasin' chickas,
Callin' balls!


This is a bro down...

"It's goin' down!"


In the same game, mane,
With, a new name, fame,
Means, fail at being normal,
Or, win a different killa, dame,

Feel a man, who feel a damn,
Thang, let ya chain hang,
Nuts bang, guts slang,
Hut one, hike -

"Man-go, with the flow!"
Like, salmon smashin' rocks?
Like ya future, full of shooters?
Thanks to clocks, and some stocks?

As we fall apart, know the darts,
From dark arts, spark hearts,
Beatin' fast,
Like they' tryin' out, for "Walking Dead" parts,

Saying less, stress, yes,
Every little thing, a mess,
Test, bless, confess: why blame?
Unless you blame your best?

Birds and bees, dumb-stingin',
In a hor-net's nest,
Where nothin', means somethin',
And somethin', means less?

Got .22's, .38's, .44's and .50 cal's,
Every man armed,
With a pen,
And a speed-dial,

Plus-plus, bust-bust, if we gotta,
That's a punch-punch,
For lunch-lunch,
Or, nut-a-butta,

Baby, can't enslave me,
When I gotta, pave the way for thee,
Cat-walkin', 'til a dog, stops barkin',
Breathin' easily...


This is a bro down...

"It's going down!"


Movin' like 'Pac, man,
Or, Pacman,
Findin' Ms. PacMan,
Tradin', tap-dance, for lap-dance,

Fat chance, these days,
Gender-bent, hermaphro-slaves,
Desperate for looks?
Doesn't, look good, it seems,

Mean? Maybe, or maybe not,
Depends on good,
Too good for, or not good enough,
At what you got,

Respect: No?
No problem, just, no solution,
In times of revolution,
Keep ya eyes closed, to mental pollution,

She in, and outta trouble,
With who? Men, stay alive,
Talk troops'n'tribe,
'Til everybody vibe,

Will, feeds chill,
'Til, everybody ride,
Slack-jawed shorties,
Be, everybody' bride,

Break 'em out, let 'em shine,
See, everybody hide,
And seek later, speak greater
For everybody' pride,

More power, o' more power,
See, everybody right,
Who, really wanna fight?
When you know, how to fight?


This is a bro down...

"It's going down!"


Back to walkin', and talkin', tall,
Chalkin', who hawkin' balls,
Mockin', the clockin', cluckin',
And stalkin', through malls,

Keep an eye on them girls,
Jus', don't make it all mushy,
Scar-learned, pickin' on chicks,
Makes you a wussy,

Can't do anything, a man do,
And, even if you can,
Don't make you feel, like a woman,
So, what we gon' do?

Stay biz, then chillaxed,
By a chick, with no pick-axe, to grind,
Swapped attitude, for pride,
So, we jacked,

Off, man-charge, and chickstasy,
'Til, we utter butter,
Tradin' up respect,
Or, perverted moshin', in the gutter,

From personal, to social,
Cultural, political,
Staircase, to hell-razin',
Heaven, for the critical,

Enough ammo,
To feed a nation,

Relax and celebrate,
We beat social constipation...

Relax and celebrate,
We beat social constipation...


This is a bro down...

"It's going down!"







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